VARTA Storage GmbH

Emil-Eigner-Str. 1, 86720 Nördlingen, Germany

The VARTA Storage GmbH (VS) is a developer and manufacturer of stationary battery storage systems. The company has substantial know-how in the field of energy storage by using long-life lithium-ion batteries and conducts in the context of innovative research and development activities. The first commercial product from VARTA Storage is the ENGION Family, a modular storage system which allows the storage of PV-Energy in order to increase the self-consumption of private households up to 70%. With the development of novel large-sized storage systems the company addresses new applications like the efficient use of renewable energies and the support of grid stability.


Main tasks within Sintbat:

Within the project Sintbat VARTA Storage focuses on the setup of battery modules containing the Si-based Lithium-Ion cells. To do so the company initially supports the characterization of the project cells. For validation purposes VARTA Storage integrates the project-cells into the commercial ENGION battery storage system allowing a direct comparison to already existing cells. Furthermore the life cycle assessment of the cells and the evaluation of business models based on the project results belong to the tasks of VARTA Storage.

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